SO MANY PHOTOS I have included an unfiltered selfie for reference as to why I always always filter everything. Dat lighting is not conducive to anything nice.

Also I always post selfies for these ~life summaries~ because I never remember/can bother to take real ones throughout my day and huge blocks of text without visual fun-times are damn boring.

Today has been A++

  1. I went to Crossfit despite dreading it with all of my being. I had eaten a huge burger + beer-battered fries a mere hour before the workout and also it was ALL CARDIO - no barbell in sight gross. Not my idea of a good time. HOWEVER my ~preworkout~ kicked in and I was off chops. Tabata bottom-to-bottom squats (air squats for max reps with a squat hold during the 10 seconds ‘rest’) with a 1.6km (1mile) run directly following [ie no rest].
    THIS GIRL GOT A SUB-9MINUTE MILE. I was aiming for sub 10 but oh no not today! Wobbly post-squat legs + cruisey pace + no music = 08:42! SO STOKED! I want to do it again!
    Came back in and coach forbade me for ever cursing cardio or saying I was bad at it. Said I smashed it and he was very impressed so my heart is glowing.

  2. Started excavations in one of my courses and I’m fucking nailing it. The tutor and I were having really great conversations about archaeology and ugh it’s really nice to start getting into this faculty… Archaeology is a very small unit at my Uni and it’s got an extremely competitive honours program so you really need to know all of the staff personally to have a chance.

  3. Also I just logged my intake and I have a surplus of calories remaining + a surplus of fat and protein macros to fill so aw yeah I’m going to treat myself so hard tonight!

  4. (My back is really broad but my chest is fucking tiny how does this happen it’s impossible for my back to be twice the width of my front but it is. Rude.)

  5. OH ALSO there is maybe possibly a chance I could be going overseas on another dig next year but it is very up-in-the-air and not worth detailing (I’m still going to get excited though let’s be real).

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Every selfie I take is with a b&w filter if you aren’t okay with this I can’t reconcile our friendship.

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I think I cracked a rib foam rolling.

I think I cracked a rib foam rolling.

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Thing that weirds me out #4885:

Looking at myself and my abilities objectively and realising that the people whose strengths and abilities I put on pedestals and emulate are actually well within my reach and in some cases, I am already there.

I wonder what I would have thought about myself if I’d met current-me four years ago…

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Went to the midday class today instead of the 5pm and it’s safe to say that was a b a d idea. It’s a lot hotter at midday than it is at night… Linda is hard enough without ~35 degree heat forcing your stomach contents into your throat and the stars into your eyes (don’t worry guys I didn’t vom or collapse. Win!).

Only the absolute machines did this RX, but I’m very happy with how I went!
70kg dead, 30kg bench (lol), 40kg clean. 30:14.
Mean, but very fun.

It’s been almost an hour since I finished the workout and I’m still extremely red. Have charged 2 liters since finishing. Still thirsty. Am going to die.

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This is almost the best day of my life (the day I get a strict pull-up day will take the cake)!!

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My CrossFit box just posted this as their ‘Rest Day’ photo on the website.
Thanks guys.

My CrossFit box just posted this as their ‘Rest Day’ photo on the website.
Thanks guys.

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WHAT IS TABATA, they have a tabata class at my gym

Oh man it’s the rudest form of exercise in all the land.
20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated continuously 8x.
There are other variations, but I generally go for this one because it’s over in 4 minutes and leaves you feeling like the world has crushed you to bits.
An entire class dedicated to Tabata would be the best and worst thing ever!

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I did the thing!
I think I should do the thing more often actually. It’s very nice to zone out, listen to your own music, and fly solo every once in a while! Considering making this a Saturday thing every week.


The kettlebell I used was the only one between 8kg and 34kg so I took it despite it not having a weight on it! I guess it was 12kg, but could have easily been 14kg ‘cause I’m terrible at guessing the weight of things.
I’ve also no idea what height the box was. It was a bit bigger than the 28” platform we usually use at CF so I’m assuming 32” cause that’s the next closest fit… right?
Also my push-ups were shocking I will forever be embarrassed about them don’t ask me about it.


My new favourite thing ever is putting handstand holds into tabata workouts!
I’ll call this one static death cause of all the tensy not-moving components (handstand + plank).
Decided to alternate russian twists with the planks mid second-handstand because my shoulders were not going to cooperate with so much static bodyweight stuff.


I call it this like it is planned but really I just had half an hour to go and did NOT want to spend that entire time on the rower. Nothing too exciting here except that the -15kg pull-up was not a struggle at all! I’m so much closer to a strict pull up than I though good lord this is very exciting news.


As utterly shit as rowing is, I love it with all my heart. I think as I get fitter and become less of a bratty shit I’m really starting to appreciate how lucky I was to row as much as I did in high school.
I’m thankful that the technique comes easy to me (except having to keep your hands in the same place on the ergo will forever be an issue for me).  Also thankful because I used to do fucking 5/10k races in training and if that doesn’t make your 250m sprint sound easy I don’t know what does.
My cardio isn’t as good as it was when I rowed properly, but my strength is a jillion times better so it’s interesting to see what’s changed. Maybe I’ll do an ergo race and see how my times compare. Maybe.

That said, I FINALLY GOT UNDER 00:55 FOR THOSE STUPID SPRINTS!  Tbh when I hit 00:54 I gave no more shits and promptly became cooling/warming (?) down.
Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky is The. Best. Song. for cool downs (and everything else, really). ~Long Live A$AP~

What a sizeable post.

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I feel like going to the gym to further my procrastination/ do something with my day but my problem is that I only have access to a commercial gym this late on a Saturday!

I’ve forgotten what you can do a commercial gym.
There’s no platform so I can’t do any oly lifts and there isn’t a pull-up bar or anything I’d usually use. Aw man!
How did I survive for so long?!

Maybe I’ll test my dead 1RM, do some rower sprints, and chuck some KB’s into it too. Man this is hard why can’t I just climb some ropes and practice my double unders. Ugh.


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For a girl who felt seedy a f coming into class tonight, who was planning on just ‘punching the card’ and skimming through, this workout was really so much fun!

All my favourites were present at the same WOD today! For once, the ladies outweighed the men and we  d o m i n a t e d. It ended up being a bit of a social session for the warm-up, but it was just really lovely to feel part of the team that I didn’t mind.

Did a few rope climbs in the warm up and goodness me I love them! By the third climb I had my rhythm set and it was all a breeze. Very very happy my box has ropes.

I think the coaches are really starting to get a feel for my capabilities too… it’s nice to know they think about what I’m doing and while I’m sure I’m not singled out, they make it feel like I am and that they have a vested interest in seeing me improve.
On Wednesday we were doing HSPU practice and Coach B saw I was just doing handstand holds on the wall so he came over and told me he was positive I would be close to a strict handstand push up. I laughed in disbelief but he got me some abmats and had me try- it turns out I’m actually really close! I can do multiple HSPU’s with 2 abmats so I’m really going to target those! Then he asked if I could do a strict pull-up (I can’t). He poked my shoulders and said that with ‘these weapons’ I should be pretty close! So I tried one on the bars and actually got so close. Coach B says I’ll have one by the end of the year if I keep up the training so that’s a bit exciting. I trust his judgement.
He was coaching tonight too and he was just so helpful with the warm-up and setting weights for the workout… It involved a ~moderate weight~ push-press and I was going to go 25kg, but when he saw my bar he told me there was no way I was going to let myself get through that easily. And he was right! I went to 30kg and even that was a little bit easy so hallelujah for coaches who know your strengths better than you do.
Same goes for farmers walks. I was going to do 16kg each hand but he swapped my weights out for 24kg each hand and I am very thankful because 16 would have been ridiculous.

Um also it was a team workout and I went with this brilliant gymnast lady who I have a secret crush on and we went the same weights/ everything and I kept up and that’s just very exciting because if I can keep up with an 18 year old prodigy I mustn’t be doing too bad.

This turned into a big circle jerk about how cool my crossfit gym is but forreal if anyone is in Brisbane and wants a sweet box I am currently in the best one since forever.

The end.

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I just finished a hellish 5-hour assessed burial excavation in direct sunlight and the only thing keeping me going was the thought of rope climbs at CrossFit tonight.

Thank god that’s over cause now it’s time to partay!

Very excited to climb ropes and also wear my cute new socks!

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I’m quite bad at writing things concisely, especially when they’ve not been very thoroughly thought-out (which they never are on here), or when I have a lot of things to say and am not quite sure where the post is going (again, this always happens on here).

This post is both terribly thought-out, and full of things I want to talk about, so I can assure you this will be a bit rambly and quite long.

  • I reactivated my MFP account today. For a week or so I’m just going to track my normal eating (not trying to change anything to make the pie charts look cooler) and see where that gets me. I’m curious.
    I know I’ve been eating ++more carbs than usual, but I don’t really mind because the carbs come in the form of corn and cake and they’re the best foods ever.
  • Weight-loss is not the be all and end all of this venture, I just want to tidy up my eating a bit so I know my body is getting the fuel it needs to keep up with my demands.

  • That said, a little bit less fat would be appreciated…
  • My next weightlifting comp isn’t until December so I want to spend this time healthily losing a few more kilos to drop me into the lower, less competitive weight class. I was only 500g off the -63 class at this comp which, as you can imagine, pissed me off to no end.
    I’d like to lose a few kgs to get me sitting comfortably in the top end of the 63’s cause I’ve seen cuts for comps and they’re not pretty.
  • Also, no matter how hard I try I can’t get a pull-up. The less weight I have to hoick up to that bar, the better.

  • Other things I cannot do but definitely should be able to at my level of ~physical ability~
  • Push-ups. I haven’t got one chest-to-floor toe push-up in me. I can just squeeze out a few dodgy 90deg push-ups, but that’s not what I want. The only push-ups allowed at my gym are chest-to-floor or chest-to-box. No knees, no wibbly bums, no 90deg arms.
    We almost always have push-ups in our warm-ups and it’s really ridiculous (and a little bit embarrassing) for me to be the only one in the class struggling away on the high boxes during the warm up, then to go on to do the workout with the heaviest weights of the ladies… So I have to work on that.
  • Toe-Touches. Legit I am so inflexible I cannot touch my toes I need to sort this shit out immediately.
  • Pistols! I can squat ~1.5x my bodyweight but I cannot do a pistol. This hinges very heavily off my flexibility and balance though, so I’m definitely going to work on that. Can do them with my lifters and a counter balance though so it’s not too lofty a goal.
  • Running. I have no idea how to run. I’m sure there’s a technique there I’m not getting cause it’s just so awkward! Long distance is not something I am okay with, so I prefer doing sprints at the Uni athletics track… that, however, is impossible because sprinting is different and really hard. I’m going to watch YouTube videos on how to sprint and stop looking like a giraffe foal.
  • Speaking of cardio, I’m going to start swimming!
  • My Uni offers a 3-month pool membership for a pretty good price so I’ve decided I’ll capitalise on that over the summer holidays. I used to love swimming when I was a kid, but I stopped when I got to high school and ugh I just want to do it again.
  • It’s awesome cardio, will be great for the tan, won’t ruin my gainz, and will hopefully help me get over my fear of water!
  • And now I’m going to study! My lovely lecturer has cancelled class for this afternoon so I have ~4 hours to chill out and catch up on things before weightlifting. I plan on using my time wisely, so it’s off here for a while and into research.

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Okay guys, what the whAT!?

This post was initially going to be about me, my cool new togs, and how I’m going to start swimming once Summer comes around BUT THEN when I was taking photos to show the back of the suit I ~accidentally~ flexed and it turned into muscle-time.

Since when did my back look like this?

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