Anonymous asked:
Do you have any other room/housemates?

It’s just Ferf, myself, and sometimes a cheeky ginger cat who sneaks in when we aren’t looking!

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September Goals!

Life Things.
Sweet baby jesus I need to sort this shit out.

  1. Leave the house at least once a day. Stop holing yourself up in your room. Breathe fresh air and frolic in the sun or something.
  2. Travel without distraction. This means no music on your walk to Uni, none on the bus, and don’t play Bubble Blaze while you’re walking. Soak in your surroundings. (Exceptions made for car trips because good lord I can’t drive without music and not get distracted by everything.)
  3. Clean your room and keep it that way. Self explanatory!
  4. Study more. Actually that should just be ‘study’ because I do nothing and that is b a d.
  5. Get yourself a job. You cannot save money without an income more substantial than the one you currently have.
  6. On that note; BUDGET BETTER. If you can’t afford to buy food, you are doing something wrong. Sacrifice unimportant things so you can nourish your body and pay rent.

Fitness Things.
I understand some of this stuff is asking a lot of me, but really I just want to see progress toward the goals. I don’t mind if I can’t get these in the time-frame, but as long as I can feel myself getting closer I’ll be perfectly happy.

  1. 100kg deadlift. 5kg’s is not a lot. Re-testing my 1RM at the end of the month, so until then it’s heavy pulls and RDL’s and business as usual!
  2. 8x army standard push-ups. On the toes, lowering so arms are at a right angle, hold for +1sec. I’ve got 3 at the moment, so if I practice practice practice, I’m sure I’ll get there (or close) by the end of the month.
  3. Do sprints 2x/week. Sprint with B. It’s cardio, but it’s muscle maintaining cardio that passes shitloads quicker than long distance runs. Also it’s fun times with the main man and that is okay by me.
  4. Get stretchy enough to touch your toes. Two legs out in front, fingers over the toes. None of this one-leg-at-a-time trickery.
  5. Catch snatches comfortably at full depth! It’s about time my body started getting comfortable flinging weights around.

Eating Things.

  1. Prep Meals. This will help with the saving money thing too.
  2. 3 meals + 1 shake a day. Eat lots. Snack little. All will be awesome.

Rough weekly (exercise) plan;

MON: Crossfit (1hr)
TUE: Weightlifting (1.5hr)
WED: Crossfit (1hr)
THU: Weightlifting (1.5hr)
FRI: Crossfit (1hr), Sprints (1hr)
SAT: Weightlifting (1.5hr), Sprints (1hr)
SUN: Hike (1hr) (it’s v. relaxed don’t worry guys I promise I won’t die)

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What are wall walks???

Starting in a push-up position (with your feet at the base of a wall), you inch your legs up the wall while moving your hands in at the same time. Keep going until you’re flat against the wall in a handstand, then ‘walk’ back down and repeat until everything hurts too much to move.

I haven’t explained that too well, so these are wall walks being executed better than mine will ever look by a kid a third my age! hahaha

Anonymous asked:
Do you and fern still live together?

We have our own little apartment two blocks from University with a cute balcony and plants and we share clothes and Fern sometimes plays the piano which is lovely and I do handstands in the hallway and it’s a beautiful setting that I am so thankful for!

Here is a picture of us hanging out in our living space to prove to you how gnarly we are.

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I’m going to make some posts with substance soon I promise, but I JUST REALISED THAT I AM IN THE 200 CLUB (pounds, that is)!

ALSO, I AM 5KGS OFF THE 100 (kilo) CLUB!


(I was doing 87.5kg deadlift triples at CF last night> about 5kg more than I thought I could do so maybe I am actually already in the 100 club good lord I swear I will cry if that’s the case)

(Also, I can now do full wall walks and if that isn’t incredibly exciting I don’t know what is!)

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Housemate dates feat. burgers, make-up, ice-cream cups as big as our heads, and shopping adventures!

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To those asking how my weightlifting comp went, I’ve been waiting for comp photos before making any posts.
Here they are!

Coach and I decided we’d keep the weights well within what I am capable, so making the lifts was never a huge issue. I got 6/6 nonetheless, and I’m very pleased with that!

Snatch: I definitely need to work on my snatches. My technique is lacking, so catching everything in a power stance is a lot easier (did this in the comp to my coach’s delight/horror). When it starts getting heavy, I catch the lifts higher and higher up. Incredibly contradictory, but my bottom position isn’t stable enough for me to catch heavy weights just yet - a lot of this probably stems from my mental barriers, but I think my shit flexibility + core are the main factors here. (Case in point: I can hang power snatch 15kg more than I can full snatch. The fuck ?!)

Clean & Jerk:  No problems with the clean, but the Jerk is gross.
I’d fucked up my shoulder a few days before the comp, so my jerk was messy a f anyway, but uh. uh. uh. huh uh. I need to work on my jerk so much. I think I’m going to try having my hands out further- the narrow grip is a bit ridiculous with arms as long as mine, and my legs are so ridiculously long I need to get my stance a bit wider. I don’t know.
It doesn’t help that my upper body is overwhelmingly weak in comparison to my lower body. (Case in point: My max clean is 20kg heavier than my max jerk. I feel sorry for my coach.)

My next comp is in December! Coach and I are honing in hugely on my technique with comp-goals being better form and to actually push my abilities. Wouldn’t mind a 55kg C&J and a 45kg Snatch?
It’s hard to know what I’m capable of when I don’t really know my 1RM’s…

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I really don’t like weekends and how devoid of activities they are.
My mind is wandering and I’m wasting all of my time, but everyone is studying or working and I don’t know if I’m mentally ~there~ to do things by myself, or what I would actually do in the first place.

I just sit in the same spot all weekend waiting for the week to start. CrossFit, weightlifting, Uni, friends. These are my only motivating factors and these things only happen during the week.

Gotta stop twiddling my thumbs, waiting for time to pass.

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Woke up this morning feeling really lean so of course photos were taken.
Considering going on a ~cut~ of sorts to unwrap my muscles. I’d love to see what my muscles look like! I’m not willing to stop gaining strength though so I don’t know how that’ll go…

I’m reading this really really interesting book too! It’s tailored for cardio and marathons and all that, which is not at all applicable to my life, but there’s some really interesting points (and recipes) here.

Now I’m watching Australia’s Next Top Model, drinking hot chocolate, and stretching out in readiness for more weightlifting tonight!

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I think that we have gone too far.

Not far enough!

It’s A+ weather to snuggle under the doona with Tim Tams, tea, and a good book right about now. There’s rain, rolling thunder, gusts of wind, and it’s wonderfully crisp and cool.

Driving for over an hour in the rain, wind, and what will be peak hour traffic to train for an hour, turn around, and come back through it all is less than appealing.
Dollars for fuel, dangerous road conditions, having to leave my warm cocoon. Three things I don’t wish to encounter today but fear I might have to.

To train or not to train?

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Because I love talking about myself!

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people!
Fern tagged me (which I don’t understand because she knows everything there is to know anyway), but due to the fact this has been everywhere on my Dash and I forget who has and hasn’t done it, I am not tagging.
If you haven’t done this before, feel free to answer them though!

Name: Alicen
Birthday: 19.05.94
Favorite colour: RED or also Black or also Purple.
Lucky number: 4, 14, 44 (any number with a 4) (as long as the only other number is 1)
Height: 177cm/5’8” ish.
Talents: Gift giving. I am a bomb gift giver.

Last dream you remember:

I competed in a CrossFit comp at Noosa and Garret Fisher introduced himself afterwards and said I did awesome and we walked along the beach, then he taught me how to surf, we jogged my favourite national park walk and I showed him a secret beach I found and it was so lovely and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Can you juggle: no
t at all.
Art/sports/both: Sport. But maybe both if we don’t mean conventional art like paintings and instead mean creative stuff like music and pretty things.

Do you like writing: So very much.

Do you like dancing: Always.

Do you like singing: In cars and showers.


Dream vacation: Lots of hiking and sun.
Dream guy/gal: My wonderful boyfriend!
Dream wedding: A non-existent one what whaaaaaat. Nah but it’ll include  cool cocktails and be super chill and be as far from a church as possible.
Dream pet: Any animal ever. I just want a pet.
Dream job: Paleoanthropologist- I’m going to find an intermediary in human evolution. OR I’ll just be a professional athlete. I can dig that.
What I am doing: I am a student studying Archaeology.
Favourite song: Digging Homecoming and Gold Digger by my lord and saviour Kanye at the moment.
Last song you heard on the radio: That stupid song about being all about the bass.
Least favorite song: Anything even slightly related to Robin Thicke. Or that terrible Wiggle song.
Least favorite album: Anything even slightly related to Robin Thicke.

Guys/girls/both: Guys for romance and touching, girls for hanging out, both for being the hottest things ever.
Hair colour: Dark seems to be my thing.
Eye colour: All eyes are welcome. Soft spot for the mis-matched eyes though. If you’re half blue, half brown, I’m going to be reminded of a husky and need to hug you.
Humorous/serious: Both is good.

Taller/shorter: Taller.
Biggest turn-offs: misogyny, gum chewing, close-mindedness.
Biggest turn-ons: feminism, intelligence, bums.

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Also tomorrow is my first weightlifting comp and I’m 10/10 shitting bricks.

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Today Fern and I learned the make-up thing and I spent altogether far too much money and it was so lovely!

I have transformed from a girl with no make-up to a girl with a great amount of makeup and a little bit of knowledge on how to use it. Hella yeah.
Perfect brows here I come!

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